The Pennsylvania Association of Asphalt Material Applicators (PAAMA) inducted John Shutsa Jr. as President of the 2022 Board of Directors. Mr. Shutsa was inducted as President during the November 3, 2021 board meeting. Shutsa is the Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Russell Standard Corporation.

Other PAAMA officers inducted include:

Vice President: Rick Stone, Maxwell Products

Treasurer: Tim Montag

Technical Committee Chair: Matt Shaffer, Specialty Emulsions

Three new Directors were elected to serve 4-year terms:

Rick Nunemacher, Recon Construction Services

Ernest Blough, Midland Asphalt Materials

Brian Pepper, Suit-Kote Corporation



PAAMA is a professional organization comprised of road maintenance and paving contractors engaged in the application of liquid bituminous products, along with material suppliers, engineers, consultants and testing laboratories from Pennsylvania and surrounding states. PAAMA promotes the continued usage of Cold In-Place Asphalt Recycling, Full Depth Reclamation, Soil Stabilization, Cold Mix Paving, Ultra-Thin Friction Course, Micro-Surfacing, Slurry Seal, Chip Seal, Crack Seal, Fog Seal and application of Tack and Prime coats at state and municipal levels as well as in the private sector. Learn more about PAAMA here: