PAAMA Anti-Trust Statement

Agreements among competitors that unreasonably restrain, or limit competition are unlawful under antitrust laws. Violators are subject to criminal fines and incarceration, civil fines and private treble damage actions. Examples of such illegal agreements by competitors are agreements to fix or stabilize prices, agreements to allocate territories or customers, and agreements to limit production or output. Accordingly, it is inherently risky and potentially improper for competitors to discuss at PAAMA meetings or activities, or otherwise, the subject of prices, terms and conditions of sale, markets, individual customers, individual company costs, and other elements or factors that may affect competition.

It is important to bear in mind that those in attendance at PAAMA meetings and activities may include competitors. Any discussion of sensitive antitrust subjects with one’s competitors should be avoided at all times before, during and after any PAAMA meeting or activity. If at any time during a PAAMA meeting or activity, PAAMA staff believe that a sensitive topic under antitrust laws is being discussed, or is about to be discussed, they will so advise and halt further discussions. Members attending PAAMA meetings or activities should likewise not hesitate to voice any concerns they have in this regard.