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Committee Heads

Committee Name Committee Head
Technical Committee Matt Shaffer
Finance Committee Tim Montag
Education Coordinator East: Tim Montag
West: Dave Cannon
Strategic Vision  Vacant
Nomination Committee Brian Hinkley
PAAMA/PAPA Liaison Tim Montag
Convention Chairman Rudy Schmehl
Website Coordinator Rudy Schmehl
Webmaster Christian Heilman

Technical Committee

Name Company Email Phone Number
Vacant PAAMA Executive Director paama@comcast.net
Matt Shaffer, Chairman Russell Standard Corporation matthew.shaffer@russellstandard.com 717.263.6019
Cell: 717.387.9525
Fax: 717.264.8925
John Toner Asphalt Industries Inc. jpt354@aol.com 610.494.8174
Cell: 610.955.8886
Fax: 610.494.8158
Robert M. Peda, P.E. Navarro & Wright Consulting Engineers, Inc. rpeda@navarrowright.com 717.441.2216
Fax: 717.441.2218
Cell: 717.805.2579
Bruce Tomasello Frank Martuccio Asphalt btmooser@yahoo.com 724.346.4144
Cell: 724.699.9486
Bob Pike Textile Rubber bobcpike@aol.com 740.427.3371
Cell: 706.581.8068
Neil Guiles Vestal Asphalt nguiles@vestalasphalt.com 607.785.3393
Cell: 607.343.0458
Fax: 607.785.3396
Brian Hinkley Suit-Kote Corp. bhinkley@suit-kote.com 570.879.2193
Cell: 570.357.7555
Fax: 570.879.0984
Dave Heilman Heilman Pavement Specialties, Inc. dave@hei-way.com 724.353.2700
Fax: 724.353.2700
Michael Pemberton Unique Paving Materials Corp. 1.800.441.4880
Fax: 216.341.8514
James Rojecki Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. jrojecki@midlandasphalt.com 716.861.1943
Dave Cannon Mt. Carmel Stabalization Group, Inc. pada71881@aol.com 412.793.7434
Cell: 724.321.5039
Fax: 412.793.7393
Shawn Thom Asphalt Paving Systems thomshawn@yahoo.com 609.561.4161
Cell: 516.404.2851
Fax: 609.561.0920
Terry Crouthamel, Jr. Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, LLC tcrouthameljr.@amsroads.com 610.797.2645
Cell: 610.972.4448
Fax: 610.797.4654
David P. Cannon Cell: 412.925.8113
Michael Polak E.J. Breneman mpolak@ejbreneman.com 610.636.0121
Glenn Heilman Glenn Heilman Consulting heilman.glenn@gmail.com Cell: 724.584.1549
Tim Montag Road Science tmontag@roadscience.net 484.650.0381

Annual Conference Committee

For information regarding our annual conference, please contact:
Rudy Schmehl

The first PAAMA member to see this note, contact Rudy Schmehl for a surprise gift

Website Committee

Rudy Schmehl

Christian Heilman