Committee Heads

Committee Name Committee Head
Technical Committee Matt Shaffer
Finance Committee Tim Montag
Education Coordinator East: Tim Montag
West: Dave Cannon
Strategic Vision  Vacant
Nomination Committee Brian Hinkley
PAAMA/PAPA Liaison Tim Montag
Convention Chairman Rudy Schmehl
Website Coordinator Rudy Schmehl
Webmaster Christian Heilman

Technical Committee

Name Company Email Phone Number
Vacant PAAMA Executive Director
Matt Shaffer, Chairman Russell Standard Corporation 717.263.6019
Cell: 717.387.9525
Fax: 717.264.8925
John Toner Asphalt Industries Inc. 610.494.8174
Cell: 610.955.8886
Fax: 610.494.8158
Robert M. Peda, P.E. Navarro & Wright Consulting Engineers, Inc. 717.441.2216
Fax: 717.441.2218
Cell: 717.805.2579
Bruce Tomasello Frank Martuccio Asphalt 724.346.4144
Cell: 724.699.9486
Bob Pike Textile Rubber 740.427.3371
Cell: 706.581.8068
Neil Guiles Vestal Asphalt 607.785.3393
Cell: 607.343.0458
Fax: 607.785.3396
Brian Hinkley Suit-Kote Corp. 570.879.2193
Cell: 570.357.7555
Fax: 570.879.0984
Dave Heilman Heilman Pavement Specialties, Inc. 724.353.2700
Fax: 724.353.2700
Michael Pemberton Unique Paving Materials Corp. 1.800.441.4880
Fax: 216.341.8514
James Rojecki Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. 716.861.1943
Dave Cannon Mt. Carmel Stabalization Group, Inc. 412.793.7434
Cell: 724.321.5039
Fax: 412.793.7393
Shawn Thom Asphalt Paving Systems 609.561.4161
Cell: 516.404.2851
Fax: 609.561.0920
Terry Crouthamel, Jr. Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, LLC 610.797.2645
Cell: 610.972.4448
Fax: 610.797.4654
David P. Cannon Cell: 412.925.8113
Michael Polak E.J. Breneman 610.636.0121
Glenn Heilman Glenn Heilman Consulting Cell: 724.584.1549
Tim Montag Road Science 484.650.0381

Annual Conference Committee

For information regarding our annual conference, please contact:
Rudy Schmehl

The first PAAMA member to see this note, contact Rudy Schmehl for a surprise gift

Website Committee

Rudy Schmehl

Christian Heilman